I can't Weight! ;D

on Saturday, October 3, 2009

Once again.. long time no blog for this certain blog. Ever since our Biggest Loser Blog Edition had ended I didn't stop working out. I maybe have been.. delayed a little bit but I have lost almost fifteen more lbs. I am now down to 159 rather than 170 then I was a few months ago. I started out at a whopping, 185 and have almost lost 30 lbs, It feels wonderful! Life has been hectic and things have been happening, so I'm sure the stress and such has been helping me lose weight. But that's not good at all.

My sister, has just gotten a new Treadmill which I'm sure she has been ranting and raving about it. I have been doing a new program which she has started and told me about. It speeds up and slows down, it blows cold air at you while you're running! And you can play your MP3 player and turn it up loud while running, jogging or walking.

It is a dream come true and I am completely jealous of her! I know when they-[Ashley and her Hubby] are gone in Florida. I will be over at her house, using it every single day. Probably most likely when Shawns friend Toby is killing zombies.


Ahem. It really is a beautiful piece of machinery.

I wish I could have a treadmill in my apartment. But alas, I have no room. Sadly. I must do without and run on hers.

Anyhow, I am still trying to get to my weight goal which is hopefully between 140-150. Anywhere around there would be wonderful and I could get this flab hanging off in the front gone and just have a flat tummy. =D

I can't wait!