Long time

on Thursday, April 23, 2009

I feel so bad for not writing a blog for soooooooo long. Ugh, I've been lazy with the writing part. Not the exercising part, just.. writing. I hate it, buuttt I am sooo happy that I lost that much weight! I can't believe I was the biggest loser two times. Well I mean.. just for me. That's soooo surprising! haha. =] Anyhow, this is the last few days of the competition!! Wow! I can't believe it went by that sooo fast. Crazy. Anywho, I won't be able to write very much during the day, seeing as I have a new job. But this new job will probably help me lose weight.

I am a Housekeeper/Front lobby Cleaner at the Holiday Inn Express, and have you seen those beds at the Holiday? GOOOOOOD LORD. They are so heavy, I can't lift them. And I'll probably have at least 14-15 rooms a day.. Ugghhh.

Today was crazy! They lost 6 house keepers ON MY FIRST DAY. Soo today, (today wasn't my first day, tuesday was.) Anyhow, today.. there were only four house keepers. >_>

Three floors.. with like 31 rooms on each floor. Yeah.. no we had to work together and clean almost every room on each floor. x[ Today was not fun. Today we cleaned about.. twenty stay overs and I'm not lying. Together we cleaned about 70 or so rooms. I got in at 9 am and didn't leave till 4:30 almost 5 pm. Sucked, I'm sooo sore and tired and grr. But oh well, at least means I might get a big pay check! Woot!