I dread the day to come...

on Monday, April 6, 2009

So I'm am almost officially moved back to Moab, I am just waiting to meet the wrath of my mother...OVERJOYED! [Note: SARCASTIC] My father is driving me back to Junction to pick up the rest of my stuff as she follows us over with my bed. I can just sense that she is growing sharp, pointy horns her eyes red and a tail growing long with a pointy..thing. And she's going to MURDER ME! Gah, I can just feel it.

My stomach is twisting and turning and..ugh. I know that this isn't about my exercising or my food or anything. About my life right now and it's all hectic as hell. The words I need to use to describe how I am feeling is... 'Scared Shitless'. I feel bad...but I shouldn't. I mean, she has not helped me since I was there. Maybe feeding me and buying me like a pj..nightie..thing. But that's about it..nothing. Wouldn't let me out of the house to meet friends, or help me get a job. I'd get out maybe like twice a week. Sucky eh?

Pretty frickin' much.

But since I've been home for the week to visit family, as I wrote in my last blog I worked out with ashley and it kicked our butts! DANG.

Anyhow, need sleep to get to the dreaded mothers house and get stuff back home.



--cara said...

I just wanted to stop by and say congratulations on being the Biggest Loser this week. 3.9 pounds?!?! Great job!

Go Team Angie!!