Jillians Work out

on Sunday, April 5, 2009

ugh, I need to start posting more. Haha. x[

Well, today I am in moab visiting family mostly and going back to Junction on Tuesday to get the rest of my stuff and move back to Moab. Though anywho, today....

My sister and I worked out. We were starting out to do Bobs Yoga, but it totally killed our knees (bad knees) so we switched over to Jillians work out. HOLY CRAP. I mean when you watch it, it seems sooooo easy.
And then you do it once and it's all right and then she makes you do the same thing over again. And then moves onto another circuit and does it twice then the next and the next. NO BREAKS. Wow..I don't think we even made it through. I was sweating like such a pig..good lord.

Heart was pounding through the roof, though I hoped it help me lose some extra fatty lbs.

Totally doing it again tomorrow!