My Trainer Bob

on Sunday, March 15, 2009

All right, I watched The Biggest Loser last night and they showed a site that Bob had. Which is called,

I joined it last night and I know that it's going to help. Because, it'll help you keep track of your weight. When you also write in your journal it'll ask what foods you ate, what you did to make yourself feel accomplished, etc. Annnd, Bob writes in it himself. Not someone for him, actually the man himself.

But I checked it out, and it's quite cool.

And I think it's going to help me lose some more weight as well. Because every now and then he'll post up some tips to help you lose some extra lbs. Either it be food wise or exercise. So now, I have two journals to write in. =]

I'll actually be heading out today to do my run. And possibly do some turbo jam afterwards. And Ill come back and let you know how that went. I last weighed myself a few days ago and I was at 169. I was so excited! I have never been down to that weight in such a long time, a few years possibly? So it feels quite nice and I need to go buy some new pants badly! But have no money, so I have to keep putting new holes in my belt to keep them on my waist. It's nice that they are falling off, but it's so annoying! Haha.


Ashley said...

thanks for the website, cadee! Good luck with your weight loss, you're doing so great! I really do need you down here to kick my butt lol.

Kud said...

Congrats on seeing the 160s. I just moved down from them and am now reacquainting myself with the 150s. It's soo great to move into a new decade.