Weight loss!

on Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Well as you know I am now down to 170 and I am totally psyched! I haven't been down to 170 in almost a year or two now. My weight has constantly been at 184-186 always fluctuating between there and it's a wonderful feeling! But also, my work out time may be cut short. I have an interview this thursday for a job. For a Laundry Job at ' Holiday Inn Express'

But that'll be nice. =]

But anyhow! 170! OH MY GOSH! Haha.

I'm so happy that I am not the heavy one in the sisters anymore. My older sister and I are now the same weight at 170. So my next goal in the next week or so is to get down to 165-160 which would be WONDERFUL!

Even with a belt on my waist, I can't keep my pants up. =] It's great.


Amy said...

Awesome! Great job.

Amy said...

Awesome! Great job.

Kud said...

Congrats on getting to the 170s. HOpefully seeing 160 will be a huge boost and motivator in your journey to better health. You rock!