on Tuesday, February 17, 2009


So, I just went to the middle school track to go run my mile today (After Turbo Jam). And well across from the track is the soccer field where it looked like a Lacrosse team was forming. So I shrugged and said okay and I started out on my first lap. I got through the first straight away and the first corner. HALFWAY through the second straight away the team turned and began to run to the football field where the track is around.

And suddenly I was surrounded by like 50-60 boys who were running as fast as they can. I was completely frozen! I had just about been ran over and the coach came up and apologized and told me that he would yell at them for that. And I am not exaggerating, seriously. There were TONS of guys there. I mean.. heh.. it was kind of nice. BUT just WHOOOSH I almost got stampeded..haha. I think it was Varsity and then whatever the other team is called, Heh. I forgot. Anyhow,

Wrong place at the Wrong time, I tell ya.