I can't Weight! ;D

on Saturday, October 3, 2009

Once again.. long time no blog for this certain blog. Ever since our Biggest Loser Blog Edition had ended I didn't stop working out. I maybe have been.. delayed a little bit but I have lost almost fifteen more lbs. I am now down to 159 rather than 170 then I was a few months ago. I started out at a whopping, 185 and have almost lost 30 lbs, It feels wonderful! Life has been hectic and things have been happening, so I'm sure the stress and such has been helping me lose weight. But that's not good at all.

My sister, has just gotten a new Treadmill which I'm sure she has been ranting and raving about it. I have been doing a new program which she has started and told me about. It speeds up and slows down, it blows cold air at you while you're running! And you can play your MP3 player and turn it up loud while running, jogging or walking.

It is a dream come true and I am completely jealous of her! I know when they-[Ashley and her Hubby] are gone in Florida. I will be over at her house, using it every single day. Probably most likely when Shawns friend Toby is killing zombies.


Ahem. It really is a beautiful piece of machinery.

I wish I could have a treadmill in my apartment. But alas, I have no room. Sadly. I must do without and run on hers.

Anyhow, I am still trying to get to my weight goal which is hopefully between 140-150. Anywhere around there would be wonderful and I could get this flab hanging off in the front gone and just have a flat tummy. =D

I can't wait!

Long time

on Thursday, April 23, 2009

I feel so bad for not writing a blog for soooooooo long. Ugh, I've been lazy with the writing part. Not the exercising part, just.. writing. I hate it, buuttt I am sooo happy that I lost that much weight! I can't believe I was the biggest loser two times. Well I mean.. just for me. That's soooo surprising! haha. =] Anyhow, this is the last few days of the competition!! Wow! I can't believe it went by that sooo fast. Crazy. Anywho, I won't be able to write very much during the day, seeing as I have a new job. But this new job will probably help me lose weight.

I am a Housekeeper/Front lobby Cleaner at the Holiday Inn Express, and have you seen those beds at the Holiday? GOOOOOOD LORD. They are so heavy, I can't lift them. And I'll probably have at least 14-15 rooms a day.. Ugghhh.

Today was crazy! They lost 6 house keepers ON MY FIRST DAY. Soo today, (today wasn't my first day, tuesday was.) Anyhow, today.. there were only four house keepers. >_>

Three floors.. with like 31 rooms on each floor. Yeah.. no we had to work together and clean almost every room on each floor. x[ Today was not fun. Today we cleaned about.. twenty stay overs and I'm not lying. Together we cleaned about 70 or so rooms. I got in at 9 am and didn't leave till 4:30 almost 5 pm. Sucked, I'm sooo sore and tired and grr. But oh well, at least means I might get a big pay check! Woot!

I dread the day to come...

on Monday, April 6, 2009

So I'm am almost officially moved back to Moab, I am just waiting to meet the wrath of my mother...OVERJOYED! [Note: SARCASTIC] My father is driving me back to Junction to pick up the rest of my stuff as she follows us over with my bed. I can just sense that she is growing sharp, pointy horns her eyes red and a tail growing long with a pointy..thing. And she's going to MURDER ME! Gah, I can just feel it.

My stomach is twisting and turning and..ugh. I know that this isn't about my exercising or my food or anything. About my life right now and it's all hectic as hell. The words I need to use to describe how I am feeling is... 'Scared Shitless'. I feel bad...but I shouldn't. I mean, she has not helped me since I was there. Maybe feeding me and buying me like a pj..nightie..thing. But that's about it..nothing. Wouldn't let me out of the house to meet friends, or help me get a job. I'd get out maybe like twice a week. Sucky eh?

Pretty frickin' much.

But since I've been home for the week to visit family, as I wrote in my last blog I worked out with ashley and it kicked our butts! DANG.

Anyhow, need sleep to get to the dreaded mothers house and get stuff back home.


Jillians Work out

on Sunday, April 5, 2009

ugh, I need to start posting more. Haha. x[

Well, today I am in moab visiting family mostly and going back to Junction on Tuesday to get the rest of my stuff and move back to Moab. Though anywho, today....

My sister and I worked out. We were starting out to do Bobs Yoga, but it totally killed our knees (bad knees) so we switched over to Jillians work out. HOLY CRAP. I mean when you watch it, it seems sooooo easy.
And then you do it once and it's all right and then she makes you do the same thing over again. And then moves onto another circuit and does it twice then the next and the next. NO BREAKS. Wow..I don't think we even made it through. I was sweating like such a pig..good lord.

Heart was pounding through the roof, though I hoped it help me lose some extra fatty lbs.

Totally doing it again tomorrow!

My Trainer Bob

on Sunday, March 15, 2009

All right, I watched The Biggest Loser last night and they showed a site that Bob had. Which is called, Mytrainerbob.com.

I joined it last night and I know that it's going to help. Because, it'll help you keep track of your weight. When you also write in your journal it'll ask what foods you ate, what you did to make yourself feel accomplished, etc. Annnd, Bob writes in it himself. Not someone for him, actually the man himself.

But I checked it out, and it's quite cool.

And I think it's going to help me lose some more weight as well. Because every now and then he'll post up some tips to help you lose some extra lbs. Either it be food wise or exercise. So now, I have two journals to write in. =]

I'll actually be heading out today to do my run. And possibly do some turbo jam afterwards. And Ill come back and let you know how that went. I last weighed myself a few days ago and I was at 169. I was so excited! I have never been down to that weight in such a long time, a few years possibly? So it feels quite nice and I need to go buy some new pants badly! But have no money, so I have to keep putting new holes in my belt to keep them on my waist. It's nice that they are falling off, but it's so annoying! Haha.

Weight loss!

on Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Well as you know I am now down to 170 and I am totally psyched! I haven't been down to 170 in almost a year or two now. My weight has constantly been at 184-186 always fluctuating between there and it's a wonderful feeling! But also, my work out time may be cut short. I have an interview this thursday for a job. For a Laundry Job at ' Holiday Inn Express'

But that'll be nice. =]

But anyhow! 170! OH MY GOSH! Haha.

I'm so happy that I am not the heavy one in the sisters anymore. My older sister and I are now the same weight at 170. So my next goal in the next week or so is to get down to 165-160 which would be WONDERFUL!

Even with a belt on my waist, I can't keep my pants up. =] It's great.


on Tuesday, February 17, 2009


So, I just went to the middle school track to go run my mile today (After Turbo Jam). And well across from the track is the soccer field where it looked like a Lacrosse team was forming. So I shrugged and said okay and I started out on my first lap. I got through the first straight away and the first corner. HALFWAY through the second straight away the team turned and began to run to the football field where the track is around.

And suddenly I was surrounded by like 50-60 boys who were running as fast as they can. I was completely frozen! I had just about been ran over and the coach came up and apologized and told me that he would yell at them for that. And I am not exaggerating, seriously. There were TONS of guys there. I mean.. heh.. it was kind of nice. BUT just WHOOOSH I almost got stampeded..haha. I think it was Varsity and then whatever the other team is called, Heh. I forgot. Anyhow,

Wrong place at the Wrong time, I tell ya.